The Rich Get Richer: How Our Quest to Accumulate Wealth Has Divided America

We are excited to announce our next author event!   “The Rich Get Richer: How Our Quest to Accumulate Wealth has Divided America” will be the topic of a conversation between author/journalist Michael Mechanic and local author and campaigner Chuck Collins, at 7:00pm on Tuesday, August 3, at 118 Elliot (118 Elliot Street, Brattleboro). Since Mechanic and Collins share overlapping interests, their dialogue about the surprising advantages and pitfalls of wealth hoarding promises to be as lively as it is informative. The Rich Get Richer event is live, indoors, and limited to 50 people. Michael Mechanic is a veteran senior editor at Mother Jones whose writing and editing have resulted in dozens of journalism awards. He is author of the new book, Jackpot: How the Super-Rich Really Live –and How Their Wealth Harms Us All. Chuck Collins is is an expert on U.S. inequality and the racial wealth divide. He is the author of the new book, The Wealth Hoarders: How Billionaires Pay Millions to Hide Trillions, and Born on Third Base, among other books.  Pre-registration is advised at

For more info, check out the event page of our website here: The Rich Get Richer: How Our Quest to Accumulate Wealth Has Divided America | Everyone's Books (


Everyone’s Books is thrilled to host “Eyes Wide Open,” their first in-person event in a year, to be held outside at the Retreat Farm on Saturday, May 22nd at 3:30pm. In celebration, Eyes Wide Open offers the reading public not just one, but four local authors. To register for this free event and learn more about our authors and their books, go to: Eyes Wide Open | Everyone's Books ( 

This spring delivers exciting new and diverse works from four Windham County women:

            Ann Braden’s The Flight of the Puffin, releasing May 4th, is about one small act of kindness that ripples out to connect four kids who feel isolated.  When a message of hope takes flight and starts a chain reaction, it helps each kid summon the thing they need, whether it’s bravery, empathy, or understanding. But best of all, it makes each one realize they matter — and that they’re not flying solo anymore.

          Angela Berkfield is the lead author of Parenting 4 Social Justice: Tips, Tools and Inspiration for Conversation & Action with Kids due out in early May 2021 by Green Writers Press. Angela and her co-authors write about social justice issues through the lens of their personal experiences both growing up and as parents. Illustrated conversations, honest stories and creative ideas prepare caregivers to initiate age-appropriate and engaging conversations with kids about social justice issues. You are likely to be inspired to take action for social justice.

           Shanta Lee Gander’s  first full-length collection, GHETTOCLAUSTROPHOBIA: Dreamin of Mama While Trying to Speak Woman in Woke Tongues, debuts in June from Diode Editions. What does it mean to move away from the shadow of one’s mother, parents, or family in order to come into being within this world? As collective memory within the Black diaspora has been ruptured, Shanta Lee time travels by creating and recapturing memory from a fractured past to survive in the present and envision a future.

          Diana Whitney’s anthology, You Don’t Have to be Everything: Poems for Girls Becoming Themselves, is an inclusive collection featuring 68 poets, from luminaries like Maya Angelou and Mary Oliver to innovators like Amanda Gorman and Natalie Diaz. These candid poems address the complex feelings of coming-of-age and offer teen girls a message of self-acceptance and strength, giving them permission to let go of shame and perfectionism.

            Eyes Wide Open will include readings, book signings, and a discussion moderated by local author Robin MacArthur. The event is free and open to the public. Please come ready to be socially distant, bring a lawn chair or blanket and be prepared by the weather. Masks are required. Rain date is Sunday, May 23rd at 3:30pm. The Retreat Farm is located on Route 30 in Brattleboro






April 14, 2021 - Spring has Sprung! 

Flowers are blooming, bugs are flying, spiders are lurking - yes, Spring is well and truly here despite any snow we might see in the next few days.

ETA: Did you miss Leah McGrath Goodman's talk? Rewatch here or here 

Please do join us virtually on Friday, April 16 at 6pm for a talk with Leah McGrath Goodman, author of Arianna Huffington: Media Visionary and Wellness Evangelist. The Commons' own Olga Peters will be hosting. 

Explore in conversation the life and times of Arianna Huffington and how she became one of the world's most prominent business leaders in media. As co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post, she built the first internet newspaper, which eclipsed the traffic of The New York Times and won the Pulitzer Prize. Creating a digital media empire from an investment of just over $1 million, she sold HuffPost to AOL in 2011 for more than $300 million.

HuffPost went on to become the flagship publication for global telecommunications giant Verizon, before being acquired by BuzzFeed in 2020. Considered to be one of the most influential media personalities on earth, Huffington went on to establish Thrive Global, a wellness and technology start-up that aims to end the stress and burn-out epidemic.

In this concise, but richly detailed, biography, learn about Huffington's life and career, chronicling her journey from Athens to London, New York, Washington and California, across seven decades. From her earliest days, Huffington faced overwhelming odds to carve a bold path that brought her fame, power and wealth. Goodman's book reveals her personal insights, how her companies tick, and what lies ahead. Smart, insightful, and often startling, this book shows readers how Huffington did it, transforming herself from a struggling author to a serial entrepreneur and, ultimately, reigning queen of media. 

Come join us for an evening of unexpected stories and illuminating conversation about inspiration, ambition and the craft of writing itself.

For more information please visit: 

Join the meeting on Friday, April 16, 2021, from 6 pm here:

Call in by Phone (audio only)
    Canada: +1 (844) 572-5683
    United States: +1 (917) 259-6726

Meeting extension: 8737951#





March 5, 2021 ~ Read our FAQ!

I don't know about anyone else, but I, for one, am happy to see pale skies at 6pm. Cabin fever has hit me hard this year - we all know why.

In any case, there is now a new and fresh FAQ in the menu bar that will hopefully answer any questions you might have about ordering books from us. As always, should you have any trouble with the ordering process, please do give us a call. Most things we can adjust from here in the store, including payment methods, removal or additions to your order, etc. There are instructions for schools/teachers, homeschoolers, and non-profits, so please read it!

Online Only Gift Certificates - these really are online only! To use, add items to your cart, and then at the payment method window, click on Online Only Gift Certificate and enter the number you were emailed. (our store gift certificates are paper and cannot be used for that payment method) If the amount in your cart is more than the OGC, you will be prompted to entre a credit card. While you do not need to register to use an OGC, the system will ask you for a billing address - I'm afraid we have no control over that part of the order. 

Stay safe!











January 23, 2021 ~

A delicious meme - thank you Cliff and Lynn!

Bernie Sander mittens in front of the store

I don't know about anyone else, but I certainly feel as if I can take some deep breaths and maybe have a good sleep before getting back to work. And, speaking of work, Amanda Gorman's wonderful inaugural poem The Hill We Climb will be available April 27th! Her children's book Change Sings! will be available September 21st.

The Hill We Climb An Inaugural Poem for the Country

















December 2, 2020 ~

Open to the public 9:30 to 5:30, private hours on Tuesday, Wednesdays, and Thursday from 8am to 9:30am, 6pm to 8pm


November, 2020


In a normal year, we may welcome 60-70 people in the store at a time during the holiday shopping season,   especially on weekends. This year we are trying to spread out the crowd so we need to ask as few folks as possible to wait before entry. The fire marshal says we can safely hold 24 people including staff. Here are some first time (and hopefully last time) ideas that we hope will work:

We normally offer our annual 20% off sale during the first weekend of December, but as that weekend is generally too mobbed for today's reality, here is the alternative plan: You will have ONE shopping opportunity on any day during the month of NOVEMBER to get the flat 20% discount on all your purchases. (Members can get an extra 5% on their Adult hardcover fiction purchases.)    Coupons are available at the store, or print it via the email you received. This website does not offer the 20% off, so you must order via phone, email, or in person.

Not only is there a holiday sale, but Libro.FM is offering a free audiobook! Check out all the details here at Shop Local Bookstores!



September 30, 2020

Booklists for the 2020 Brattleboro Literary Festival ~ an online festival ~ can now be found under the 'Browse' tab!



September 26, 2020

Not only has the weather changed, but so has the front desk, our credit card processor, and soon, holiday hours.

Once again you're now able to order on the website and pay via credit card. Thank you for bearing with us while we made the transition! (please hit the 'read more' link)

With the holidays bearing down upon us, we're still figuring out the best way to serve you while the COVID19 pandemic rages on. At this point, we're thinking of having extended hours throughout the season, with people signing up for specific times and days. We will of course be open during regular hours too, but given that we have no idea how Coronavirus is going to play out once the doors and windows are closed, we want to keep our numbers in the store low for everyone's safety. If you're amenable, please drop us a line with your email address and we'll add you to <cue ominous music*> 'The List'. We promise we won't bombard you with anything more than operating hours information! While you can also call us with your info, quite frankly for some reason wearing a mask makes it harder to hear, and sending an email or popping in to sign at the front desk is easier. If you don't already have it, here is our email address.


September 3, 2020

Folks, we're switching credit card processors over the next week or so, and For Reasons can only take orders on the website as 'Pay in Store'. If you would like to pay by credit card, please call us at 802-254-8160 with your order. 

We'll let you know as soon as it's back up.


Wednesday, August 12, 2020:

We are open! 

Our front desk refit went swimmingly, the pc is hooked up and now we're all just trying to get used to it. 

New Front Desk





STORE: Big news  - We're getting a new front desk! All of us are very excited.  In order to do this, we will be closing early at 4pm on Tuesday, Aug 11, and will be closed Wednesday, August 12. We'll be reopening Thursday morning at 9:30 - wish us luck hooking up the computers, ha.

We're keeping our customer numbers in-store low, so if you find the back door locked during regular store hours, we are full up. If you're collecting a pre-paid item, just knock or give us a call and we'll give you your item.

We've installed a new, plastic curtain at the front desk. It's a strange and uncomfortable thing to have, but for everyone's safety we feel it's the best thing to do. Since the staff must wear masks while people are inside, we are unable to drink anything, and the dehydration is no joke!

Speaking of safety, starting Saturday, August 1st, Vermont know has a mask mandate. If you're in a public indoor space you must wear a mask or shield. This is highly encouraged for outdoor public spaces as well. There are spare masks at the front desk if you would like to browse and don't have one.


We are also moving to our own credit card server, and will thus briefly turn 'off' your ability to order on the website on Monday, August 17. I'll turn everything, including pre-order, back on once the credit card server is up and running - it shouldn't take more than a day or two. In the meantime, you can of course nevertheless order by phone, email, curbside, mail, or coming inside.




Everyone's Books always strives to create a welcoming environment for all. At this time in American history, it is necessary for all of us to confront and speak out about white supremacist violence, as well as its many toxic effects. One of the reasons we opened our store 36 years ago, pre internet, was to try to get diverse books into the hands of teachers and children, as many stores and libraries did not focus on this vital role of books at that time.

The cruel, regressive, racist and mendacious rule of Donald Trump and his cronies has forced us to be a more visible source of resistance to rhetoric and policies that endanger people of color as well as the planet. We have always tried to provide the tools for anti-racist visibility- yard signs, t-shirts, stickers, and pins, as well as reading material for all levels of understanding. This goes from board books for newborns that are inclusive of all, to a large selection of books for teens and adults about how we become a part of the huge movement to understand the deep roots of racism, and to fight racism and racial violence in this country.

We, the owners and staff of Everyone's Books, are outraged and continue to be saddened by the death of George Floyd and so many others who have been victims of police violence. Like so many people of good will, we will continue to do whatever we are able to create a fairer, more welcoming, and safer Vermont, and America, for all.

Nancy, Rich, Ann, Leslie, Clea, Julie, Fhar



Everyone’s Books is offering curbside pick up and we are now open on a limited basis to healthy customers inside (one family/group/individual at a time). We are open Monday-Friday 9:30am to 5pm, Saturdays 10-5, Sundays 11-5.

For curbside pick up
1) Order here on our website. Members, please note: we cannot offer member discounts for on-line payments; choose to pay in the store to receive your discount).
2) Call 802-254-8160. We are happy to make recommendations over the phone.
3) Email  
: Check or credit card preferred at this time.

Delivery: We offer curbside pick up from our back entrance on Harmony Lot or shipping via the US Post Office. 

We hope to continue to provide teachers and families who are now isolated at home with our books, puzzles, games and other resources, and to support all our readers who find books invaluable while isolating. We need to stay open to fill our school orders and to receive and process the many boxes of books – ordered months ago – that continue to flow into the store.

Thank you for your decades of support. We hope this policy balances our needs and yours with the physical and mental health of our beloved community.

Now, back to "normal" information on our bookstore: <!--break-->

Since 1984, Everyone’s Books has offered our customers what they expect of an independent bookshop: personalized service, a curated collection with an emphasis on social justice, the earth, and children’s literature, and a safe place to come share your opinion on current events. As regulars and teachers know, we work hard to fulfill your ‘special orders’ of books not in stock at our shop.

We continue to offer all those good things at 25 Elliot Street in downtown Brattleboro. With this website, we expand your access to ordering books. Now you can access the entire catalog of IndieCommerce titles which we use to select books for the store, through the BROWSE menu. You can also buy audio books via LibroFM – just add us to your stores.

At this time, we cannot offer discounts for any on-line sales. You can still come into the shop or call us to special order and receive the usual discounts.

Teachers and schools, please call us or come in to order books.

To BROWSE, click on the search bar beneath our logo and enter a title, author or topic. You can order books and create wish list and pay on line via credit card or Paypal. You can also order books online and pay in store. Please read book entries carefully as the catalog includes titles that have not yet been published.Take a look around and tell us what you think and, as always, feel free to give us feedback

Thank you for your support as we join the 21st century!