Our Mask Policy - updated Feb 21, 2023

Hello everyone!

We've decided that masks are now optional in store. You're free to wear them, or not, and there will *always* be masks on the front desk!! You will see some of us continue to wear them anyway due to personal preference.

While Science has not yet determined whether or not we've reached the endemic phase (infection is predictable, but cases and deaths no longer spike) of this pandemic, it would appear that for the majority of us who are vaccinated, Covid isn't a killer. This doesn't mean that it's going away; indeed for many people Long Covid has completely upended their lives*.

We will of course continue to use the pick up area in the back foyer, mail via USPS, and have limited local delivery. Please don't hesitate to use any or all of these methods if you are immunocompromised or simply prefer to remain outside of the store! ☺️

As always, if you have any questions give us a call at 802-254-8160, send us an email at everyonesbks@gmail.com, or even message us here on facebook or twitter! (for twitter we only check during weekdays)

*if this is you, dearest reader, you can find support and commiseration on reddit's Long Covid community, where there are kind and compassionate people. (also jerks, but it's the internet, you already know that)

ETA: Honestly, this feels very strange to write. We're all exhausted and for some of us, this will be a never-ending issue, at least until Science Figures Things Out. Hopefully before the next twist comes along.

I know some of you will be disappointed that we've made this choice and we understand. We all want to be healthy and well, and we want that for you, too!

Let's take care of one another. ♥