The Ordering Process

We order our books (and other items) directly from publishers, including international giants such as Penguin Random House and Hachette, to far more local publishers such as Green Writer’s Press, and of course the two main wholesalers in the United States. Depending on who has what, where, and how soon you need it, we may order from a wholesaler, a publisher or even a combination of them all to ensure your book actually arrives.We don’t order from Amazon. For POD - print-on-demand - books, they generally take between 7-10 days from order point to arrive. Unfortunately, our wholesalers don’t tell us which books are POD and which aren’t, a definite flaw in the system. Sometimes we can figure it due to the warehouse or discount, but we’re mostly also in the dark. 

The search bar on the website searches not our inventory, but what’s available in the wholesaler’s warehouses. This is why books you’re searching for may be listed as ‘backordered’, ‘out of stock’ or ‘call for more information’. Sometimes we have those titles in stock and sometimes they’re out of print or out of stock indefinitely. This is frequently the case with older titles, so if you’re using search results from Amazon or Powell’s, they can come up as ‘call for more information’. Please be aware that books printed in foreign countries occasionally have title changes when published in the US/Canada. Unfortunately we don’t order from overseas, however publishers occasionally have US distribution sites, so it's always worth asking if we can get something.