How To Order

(School orders/Homeschoolers/Non-Profits details are after the walk-through)

Walk Through:

1) Use the search bar to search by title, author, isbn, or subject

2) click on the title to read description and reviews

3) click on 'add to cart' (green highlighting will show the book has been added)

4) Check what's in your cart on the left side bar underneath 'log in' by using the drop down arrow or choose 'view cart'

5) If you're ready to check out, click 'checkout'. To adjust quantities, change the number and update the page. At any time you can search for another book in the search bar and add that as well.

6) To check out, make the following steps:

  1. Add your email
  2. Calculate shipping (this panel will not appear if payment is pay in store/curbside)
  3. Members: to apply discount choose PAY IN STORE, then call us for over the phone payment or pop in to pay.
  4. Want to pay at the register? Choose Store/Curbside pickup, then  Payment Method -  PAY IN STORE
  5. Using our PAPER gift certificate
    a: Choose store/curbside pickup (next)
    b: Choose Store Gift Certificate, add number (next)
    c: Payment Method - PAY IN STORE
    d: Next (if you're logged in you can ignore shipping/billing)
    e: Next 
    f-h: Add a comment, review your order, submit your order
  6. ONLINE ONLY GIFT CODE: Please note online only gift codes can only be used online Follow the above instructions, and then on the PAYMENT METHOD part, enter the number* that was emailed to you, click 'balance check', then enter billing details (required if you're not logged in, or in case the OGC isn't quite enough). If there are red highlights that won't go away when you fix them, try clearing the form and re-entering the information. Give us a call at 802-254-8160 if it's still not working and we'll see what we can do.
    * have more than one code? You can enter up to 2, separated by a comma: 0123456789, 9876543210

7) Notes: Add anything you think we should know - is someone other than you collecting? Is the item a gift going under someone else's name (please give us your contact details in case things go awry)? Need something wrapped? Want a unicorn drawn on the bag (be aware we are very much not artistic)? Send us your favorite quote!


We’re happy to place your school orders. Regardless of what school or method of payment, you will receive an itemized invoice. While the school discount applies in the majority of orders, there are a fair few books where the store also gets a very short discount that we cannot pass on. This is particularly true of university press and educational press titles, although of course that can change from book to book and the quantity desired. We don’t order used books as we can’t guarantee the quality. Please be aware of the following when ordering:

  1. We can’t match Amazon pricing. 

  2. We need as much of the following information as possible: title, author, 10 or 13 digit ISBN.

  3. Quantity and how soon the books are required.

  4. Is your district paying? Books cannot be collected without a purchase order (we don’t supply these). Ask your school secretary or department head as to how to apply for one. You can, however, order at any time without a PO - please choose the PAY IN STORE option at payment. We will contact you with discount information and your total.

  5. You may also self-pay. We'll give you an invoice you can drop at your school or district for reimbursement.     

  6. If you have your PO # in hand, feel free to select books from off the shelf.

HOMESCHOOLERS: The discount still applies to books used in class, but you will be charged tax.

NON-PROFITS: Follow the steps above. If you're making an order via the website, you must choose PAY IN STORE. Unfortunately at this time we can't apply your discount on the website, you'll have to give us a call or stop in to pay. We will email you with the total pricing with discount! If you have a bigger order with quantity, please let us know via email or give us a call so we can research any odd discounts (mostly applies to specialty, small, and university publishers) beforehand, as that may change what discount we can give you.

Still need help? Give us a call at 802-254-8160 or send us an email.