The Rich Get Richer: How Our Quest to Accumulate Wealth Has Divided America

Event date: 
Tuesday, August 3, 2021 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm

“The Rich Get Richer: How Our Quest to Accumulate Wealth has Divided America” will be the topic of a conversation between author/journalist Michael Mechanic and local author and campaigner Chuck Collins, at 7:00pm on Tuesday, August 3, at 118 Elliot (118 Elliot Street, Brattleboro). Since Mechanic and Collins share overlapping interests, their dialogue about the surprising advantages and pitfalls of wealth hoarding promises to be as lively as it is informative. The Rich Get Richer event is live, indoors, and limited to 50 people. Pre-registration is advised; 

Michael Mechanic is a veteran senior editor at Mother Jones whose writing and editing have resulted in dozens of journalism awards. He is author of the new book, Jackpot: How the Super-Rich Really Live –and How Their Wealth Harms Us All. His work at Mother Jones has often focused on social and criminal justice, racial disparities, mass incarceration, economic inequality, and corporate shenanigans. Since writing Jackpot, he’s been looking more at the ways the wealthiest Americans manipulate the system to their advantage. He lives in Oakland, California, but grew up messing around in the Windham woods and brooks with his local cousins. His late mother, Maggie Newton, grew up on a farm near Hamilton Falls where her parents, David and Margaret Newton, established the Newton School for boys; she later moved to Brattleboro and played in the local orchestra.

“Windham County is my second home, dear to my heart,” Mechanic said. “I’m excited to finally meet Chuck in person, and for this chance to share our experiences writing about a topic of such great local resonance as wealth moves into this state and creates financial opportunities but also huge challenges for long-time Vermonters.” 

Chuck Collins is is an expert on U.S. inequality and the racial wealth divide. He is the author of the new book, The Wealth Hoarders: How Billionaires Pay Millions to Hide Trillions, and Born on Third Base, among other books. He is also the Director of the Program on Inequality and the Common Good at the Institute for Policy Studies, where he co-edits Chuck and his wife Mary live with a flock of unruly chickens on Mineral Springs Farm in Guilford.

“I’m thrilled that we can host Michael in Brattleboro on his trip to Vermont,” said Collins. “The growing concentration of wealth and power is disrupting everything we care about and we need to better understand these forces and explore ways to reverse them.”

The Rich Get Richer is co-sponsored by Everyone’s Books and 118 Elliot. This is a free event with a suggested donation of $5. Masks required if unvaccinated. The authors will be available to sign their books, which can be purchased at the event or ordered in advance through Everyone’s Books. For reviews and author information, see their websites: (Mechanic) and (Collins). 

Event address: 
118 Elliot
118 Elliot Street
Brattleboro, VT 05301
Jackpot: How the Super-Rich Really Live—and How Their Wealth Harms Us All By Michael Mechanic Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781982127213
Published: Simon & Schuster - April 13th, 2021

A senior editor at Mother Jones dives into the lives of the extremely rich, showing the fascinating, otherworldly realm they inhabit—and the insidious ways this realm harms us all.

Have you ever fantasized about being ridiculously wealthy? Probably.

The Wealth Hoarders: How Billionaires Pay Millions to Hide Trillions By Chuck Collins Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781509543496
Published: Polity Press - April 12th, 2021

For decades, a secret army of tax attorneys, accountants and wealth managers has been developing into the shadowy Wealth Defence Industry. These 'agents of inequality' are paid millions to hide trillions for the richest 0.01%.