4 Seconds Until Impact: The Skyrocketing Attacks by Predators on Humans. (Paperback)

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4 Seconds until impact.When people are attacked your train thought will be something like this.Oh look a bear, Oh he's charging, OMG are they fast, I better do something you're on the ground.What is better to carry firearms or pepper spray the results are eye opening?Can hunting help curtail animal attacks?How many bears is enough?How many people have to die before we do something?Who is responsible?A look at 100 cougar attacks, 106 grizzly bear attacks, 130 coyote attacks, 126 black bears attacks, plus wolf attacks in the last 27 years.An in-depth look at the skyrocketing animal attacks across North America. What you learn could save your life. Every hiker, hunter, fisherman, camper, or anyone else that enjoys the great outdoors need to read this hard hitting research into the rising animal attacks on humans.

About the Author

Hemming does an excellent job in summarizing the increases in large predator attacks. He offers a commonsense explanation as to why they are happening, why they are under-reported, and how they can be minimized. Dean Weingarten-Gun Watch Bruce (Buckshot) Hemming, a retired military veteran and native of Michigan, has over forty years experience in the outdoors, much of it in the extreme climates of Alaska and North Dakota, hunting with bows, muzzleloaders and rifles, as well as fishing and trapping. Over the last fifteen years, Buckshot has taught wilderness survival courses all across the U.S.

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Publication Date: February 25th, 2018
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