Gifts of Love a la Carte: The EZ Approach to Impress (Hardcover)

Gifts of Love a la Carte: The EZ Approach to Impress By Janine Jarufe Cover Image
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A chef opens the door to a wonderfully tasty world. The easier and simpler the recipe, the healthier it is.

One of the best symphonies in the world, is the concert of ingredients performed by a chef in the kitchen. A real chef is part of culture and tradition. A good chef is responsible to give identity to a restaurant.

Never say you can't. Just express yourself and use your imagination. A real chef never says no and never says I can't. The expression of a real chef is the love and passion in his creations and it shows with beauty, uniqueness and glamour. This is called excellence.

A chef shows his/her personality through the silent communication of creation of great dishes. The two most important ingredients needed to be a chef is love and passion.

Never underestimate a chef. Remember they are artists. A real chef is the one that knows how to communicate with glamour.

A good chef enriches lives on a global stage. To be a chef is to know how to serve in style simply to bring joy and satisfaction.

We are what we eat; and we eat what we enjoy. The job of a chef is the creation, adaptation of his/her knowledge, experience and techniques to please others.

Because of the transformative life experience, a chef is always remembered for his/her great performance.

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Publication Date: March 7th, 2022
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