Travel Mementos: Personal Stories about Faraway Places (Paperback)

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'We hear the patrol boat before we see it. A motoric throb resonates from deep within the sea mist. White swirls wrap the dark-pitted peaks of Morocco as they float upwards, mysterious and intangible in the distance...'

Teaching around the world for over forty years, Julie Watson retells her travel memories in vivid flashbacks of times, places and personal encounters.

The argument in an Italian ice cream queue, a bumpy becak ride in Indonesia, African migrants washing up on a Spanish beach, venomous scorpions dancing in the Mexican sun.

Travel Mementos is a collection of true stories from locations around the world. Spanning continents and cultures, the evocative retelling of these personal memories will transport, surprise and delight you in an immersive reading experience.

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ISBN: 9781913894047
ISBN-10: 1913894045
Publisher: Beachy Books Partner Publishing
Publication Date: March 19th, 2021
Pages: 92
Language: English