101 Ways to Torture Your Husband (Paperback)

101 Ways to Torture Your Husband By Maria Garcia-Kalb Cover Image
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He forgot your birthday.
He always leaves his socks on the floor.
He’s glued to the tube all weekend for every game.

Let’s face it: Even the best of husbands are a real pain in the ass sometimes. And when all the “talks,” counseling sessions and self-help books fail, there’s only one viable recourse: torture. In this hilarious collection of clever tricks and tactics, you will learn how to put your husband in his place when you:
  • Bury the remote in the backyard
  • Have lunch with an ex
  • Pick a fight during the game
  • Book a male masseuse for your next massage
  • Delete his DVR recordings
  • And many more!

Risk factors rank damage done as well as how long it’ll take him to get over it. With the creatively wicked methods outlined in this manual, he’ll never misbehave again!

About the Author

Maria Garcia-Kalb (Fort Lauderdale, FL) is a radio broadcaster who most recently completed eight years as the host of the "Steve and Maria Morning Show" on Long Island's 106.1 WBLI-FM. At WBLI, Maria shined as the first Latina to dominate the local airwaves, and created award-winning benchmarks such as "Hersday" and "Man-Hating Monday." She is currently an on-air personality on WFLC-FM 97.3 "The Coast" in Hollywood, FL. Maria has a lot of experience in torture . . . she has been married to her husband Andrew for ten years.

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ISBN: 9781605500102
ISBN-10: 1605500100
Publisher: Adams Media
Publication Date: January 18th, 2010
Pages: 224
Language: English