Unequal Benefits: Privatization and Public Education in Canada (Utp Insights) (Paperback)

Unequal Benefits: Privatization and Public Education in Canada (Utp Insights) By Sue Winton Cover Image
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Drawing on research from across Canada and beyond, education policy expert Sue Winton critically analyzes policies encouraging the privatization of public education in Canada. These policies, including school choice, fundraising, fees, and international education, encourage parents and others in the private sector to take on responsibilities for education formerly provided by governments - with devastating consequences for the democratic goals of public education.

Unequal Benefits introduces traditional and critical approaches to policy research and explains how to conduct a critical policy analysis. Winton explains the role policy plays in supporting and challenging inequality in the pursuit of a strong democracy and the public school ideal. In these idealized education spaces, policy decisions prioritize collective needs over private interests, they are made in public by democratically elected officials, and, importantly, every child is able to access high quality education programs and enjoy their benefits at no cost. Written for parents, educators, policy-makers, and other interested citizens, Unequal Benefits sheds light on how to participate in efforts to resist educational privatization and achieve the public school ideal across Canada.

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ISBN: 9781487525965
ISBN-10: 1487525966
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
Publication Date: September 12th, 2022
Pages: 208
Language: English
Series: Utp Insights