The Joke: You All Woke Yet? (Hardcover)

The Joke: You All Woke Yet? By Donny Polidoro Cover Image
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Is this a JoKe Biden? This book is to show how we keep fighting the same war generation after generation. How one boy from Pennsylvania, the birthplace of American Freedom, has so much hate in his heart against what freedom gave birth to. His political party made him who he is What has he done to America, all this reverse governing and identity politics to sell out my country

At 78 years old, he is the oldest president in America's history. With four decades in the Senate and almost two decades in the White House, he is still learning on the job Term limits are the only thing that can stop a career politician who sold his country down the river Joe Biden has more skeletons in his closet than the Grimm Reaper He makes more anti-American moves than our enemies. As an American voter, I am to believe that this President has the power to resurrect a torn country? He has trouble controlling his own dinner table The Democrats used RCV voting, an internet Drupal, a man-made virus, two impeachments, and mail-in ballots to take my country

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ISBN: 9780578393100
ISBN-10: 0578393107
Publisher: Sermo Libre Publishing
Publication Date: April 1st, 2022
Pages: 328
Language: English