And Thus Spring Enters ~

Hello everyone!

The holidays were incredibly busy, so much so that it's only now that I'm doing this update. The plan is to tidy the website for easier use on pc and phone, which shouldn't include anything beyond the look for any of you. Having said that, none of are uh, super technically proficient at Website 3.0, and the learning curve is steep.

The book industry continues its wild roller coaster ride,with delayed second print runs on popular titles, and in some cases, no second print runs at all. We’re hearing that paper is in short supply for everyone (which may be why you weren't able to get your favorite calendar) and prices continue to go up for items such as cards and journals.

We here at Everyone's Books thank you all for your custom and your patience during these unbelievably trying times.While the store is open to foot traffic for browsing, we’ll also continue to serve you with curbside pickup, mail, and limited delivery. This website is open 24/7/365 (although what we stock is not necessarily reflected when you search) and of course we are always available via phone (802-254-8160) and email. If you weren’t aware, we’re also affiliated with Libro.FM for audiobooks, as well as if you prefer shopping on a different website.