Welcome to Everyone's Books!

We’re a family-owned independent bookstore specializing in books about social change, the environment, and multicultural children’s books. Many of our books are by original, creative, and progressive authors.

Our store is located in downtown Brattleboro, Vermont, a vibrant and exciting town. Everyone’s Books is committed to providing a friendly, personal place where folks can come to shop, meet, rant about right-wing government, nurse a baby, or learn something new.

History ~

Nancy Braus and Rich Geidel started Everyone’s Books on Elliot Street in 1984. They are both long-time peace and anti-nuclear activists who’ve had previous bookstore experience. They felt that there were many books and other materials that were difficult to find in the increasingly chain-store environment, and this is truer now than ever.

Nancy feels fortunate to be working at a job that promotes peace, environmental awareness, and political change. She loves hiking, biking and cross country skiing. She reads fiction, memoir, and lots of children’s and young adult books. She and their daughter Molly Geidel authored Everyone’s Kid’s Books, an annotated guide to kids books for all kinds of children.

Nancy also sells books at human services and education conferences throughout the Northeast, as well as conferences promoting peace and progressive social change. She can fulfil and supplement your required reading lists. She would be happy to put together a book fair for your event and split the profits with organizers who sell the books. E-mail or call her for more information.

Rich enjoys bicycling to work and home from Putney, fixing things and of course, reading. He is a supporter of international grass-roots movements for social justice and the environment.