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faqDo you buy back used books?
Nope. We only sell new books. There is a large used bookstore across the street from us.

I can’t remember the full title or author of the book I’m looking for.
That’s fine. We’ll be happy to do a search for you anyway. It is always better to have as much information as possible, especially when ordering
text books.

I need a few textbooks for a class I’m taking, help!
Ordering textbooks requires that you get an ISBN number or edition number from your professor. This is important because textbooks get updated and often are not returnable. We do require a $10 deposit for each order, which will later be applied towards your purchase.

How long will a special order take?
That depends on a number of things, including warehouse stock, print status, the publisher, and when we actually order it. Most books ship within a few business days. We will try our best to get the books to you as quickly as possible. If there is a particular rush, let us know.

But I don’t live in the area.
We’ll ship books to you as soon as we get them, don’t worry. You’ll only be charged our shipping fees.